Floral Baby Shower Tiered Cake (Require 7-10 days notice)

This tiered cake is perfect for any baby shower! With a 8" and 6" round, this centerpiece cake serves 20-25.

*please include an inscription and color preference in the notes section of your order*

*For more detailed requests, please order directly with our sales staff at 651-731-3323.*

Pick-up and Transportation Details

• Your tiered cake will be boxed in a heavy duty brown corrugated box. 
• Your tiered cake will also have wooden/plastic dowel rods inside the cake for stability and transport. Please note, these rods are not edible and will need to be removed prior to serving for guests. 
• Please make sure the person picking up the cake is aware of the design and who it is for. Our sales associates will show you the cake when you arrive, it is the person picking up the cake’s job to ensure the spelling is accurate and the design is to your specifications. Again, once the cake leaves the bakery we will not be able to make any changes or adjustments to the design.

Transportation Details
• Your tiered cake must be placed on a FLAT surface in your car and please drive appropriately. 
• Once the tiered cake leaves the bakery it is your responsibility to take care of it. Drive the speed limit, don’t take any sharp turns or brake suddenly. 
• Keep in mind you will need about 1 ft x 1 ft space to fit your tiered cake in your car. Plan ahead. 
• Ask for help! If you would like help out to your car, please ask for assistance and our sales associates will walk the cake out to your car for you!

For Store Pick up only

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