St. Patrick's Day Truffle Pops (6 for $17.70)

These adorable little Truffle Pops are hand rolled, hand dipped, and hand decorated pieces of love!

The consistency inside is more of a truffle of cake crumbs and buttercream, and then dipped in a white chocolate outside coating and decorated with sprinkles or drizzle!

Flavors Available:

Vanilla- dipped white w/ green & orange drizzle
Almond- dipped orange w/ Sprinkles
Chocolate- dipped chocolate w/ green & orange drizzle
Red Velvet- dipped green w/ Sprinkles

Please note, many other options are available, please call the bakery for more detailed orders and custom requests at 651-731-3323.

6 truffle pops for $17.70

For Store Pick up only

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