TAKE HOME ONLY Wedding Samples *PICK UP available only Thurs/Fri/Sat*

Take Home Sampling Packages

  • Order online at shop.dorothyannbakery.com
  • Select available pick up dates (Thursday, Friday or Saturday’s ONLY)
  • Enjoy sampling package at home

IN STORE Wedding Consultation Appointments

  • Call 651-731-3323 to set up your consultation appointment
    • Must speak directly with a wedding consultant
      • If a consultant is not on staff when you call, we will call you back to schedule as soon as possible
    • Consultation is up to 45 minutes in length
    • Only 2 people allowed for in person consultation
    • Consultation fee of $15.00 must be paid at the time the consultation is scheduled (sampling packages and fees listed below)
    • Cancellations within 48 hours of your appointment will not be refunded

    Sampling Packages and Fees

    • Each sampling package serves 2
    • Sampling packages are available during an in store consultation or as a take home option
    • Guests can purchase multiple sampling packages at one time
      • Special requests for custom flavors during a consultation may be subject to availability and additional fees

    Sampling Package Options

    1. Consultation Only $15.00
    2. Cake/Cupcake Sampling Package $15.00
      1. Almond Raspberry, Chocolate Cream Filled, Carrot, Oreo, Vanilla w/ almond Bavarian, Marble w/ chocolate buttercream
    3. Donut Sampling Package $15.00
      1. Maple Short John, Reg. Raised Glazed, Reg. Chocolate Raised, Mini Custard Bismark, Reg. Apple Fritter, Mini White Raised
    4. Dessert Sampling Package $15.00
      1. Fresh fruit tartlette, Raspberry mascarpone cup, Cannoli, Dessert shot, Chocolate chip cookie, Mini cheesecake
    5. Chantilly Cake $10.00
      1. Raspberry, Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon
    6. Gluten Free Cake/Cupcake $10.00
      1. GF Vanilla w/ buttercream, GF Vanilla w/ lemon filling, GF/DF Chocolate w/ chocolate buttercream, GF chocolate cream filled

    When you are ready to place your order

    • Call us at 651-731-3323 to set up your In Store consultation
    • Call us at 651-731-3323 to set up your phone consultation
      • Both must be scheduled by a wedding consultant


      For Store Pick up only

      Store Hours
      Mon - Closed

      Tue thru Sat: 7:30-4pm

      Sunday 7:30 - 12pm 

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